Just as you would take precautions when packing electronics, which clearly outlines what types of precautions must be taken when packing electronic household goods for when moving overseas. While the basic packing processes apply, taking due care to safeguard your curated furniture or even fine kitchenware, the following guidelines for packing kitchenware are good to follow.

To begin with, packing materials are critical. Having the proper shipping boxes or crates, bubble wrap, foam, or packing papers, as well as scissors, tape, and marker pens, is essential. A packing list to record what you’re packing into each shipping box or crate, as well as a numbering or reference number, is always a good idea. These are the fundamentals to do when moving overseas; however, when dealing with fragile items, cell kits are ideal for packing fragile stemware and glassware, as well as crystal vases, figurines, and so on.

We recommend beginning by packing kitchenware that is not frequently used and will not be needed in the days leading up to your international move. Vases, crystal-ware, stemware or glassware, bake-ware, Tupperware/storage containers, cookbooks, special utensils, and serve-ware, mixing bowls, and extra pots/pans are examples. We recommend leaving a few basic pots and pans, utensils, and mugs for everyday use and packing all fragile items as soon as possible.

Bottles, whether wine/alcohol or cooking items, you must separate what you may open (in terms of wine/alcohol) between now and the day of your move,  and begin packing the remainder. When it comes to cooking liquids, try to use the opened bottles instead of packing them. However, if you have a well-stocked pantry at the time, open or nearly full bottles must be sealed with saran wrap before packing.

You should also begin packing your dishes and serve-ware, leaving only what is required for your family’s use. To make your life easier, you can order boxes specifically designed for packing dishes from Transco Cargo . When packing kitchenware, especially dishes, it’s a good idea to put paper between each item to act as cushioning; however, newspaper will suffice. If you have drawers, it is a good idea to pack them in bulk so that you can transfer them as you unpack them drawer by drawer; this will make unpacking your kitchen items much easier.

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