Let’s look at something different for a change. Let’s look at how supply chain is managed. Supply chain management isn’t easy. It involves complex functions that go together within an organization that together makes up a cohesive process from product, marketing, distribution to sales  that in the end allows a product or service to reach the end customer. Leadership in supply chain management is important, especially in the grand scheme of globalization especially with the growing number of MNCs (that is, multinational corporations). Effective leadership in supply chain management is vital as guidance through  complicated economies and country regulations, markets and laws. Exporting and importing is not simple as it used to be, and leading teams to maximize on efficiencies is crucial in this time.

Whatever your organization structure may be, large or small, seeing the supply chain from start to finish is important in a fluid manner to ensure the bottom line is achieved for competitive advantage and growth, In the end, this is a business, and you are seeking profits, and ensuring the right fit is from each department in terms of performance efficiency and efficacy must be communicated. That is essentially leadership in supply chain management ensuring the objective of the end goal is guided throughout the journey towards the swerving curves that is supply chain.

Be it production, marketing, distribution to sales, there may be many obstacles that can arise along the way, but ensuring that agile supply chain leadership is a quality that one possess is important. By reacting to consumer demand, market changes, and not to mention market volatility as well as the product lifespan.

Further, leadership in supply chain management also promote innovation within the industry, from performance to technologies and digitization. Being aware of changing trends and new innovations allows for competitive advantages and empowered employees.

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